Tower International Capabilities


                              Today’s automotive industry is defined by ever-evolving technologies and consumer demand. The result is a highly competitive market filled with opportunity. With a plethora of vital and advanced capabilities at our disposal, Tower International stands ready to meet these challenges.

                              A History of Design & Manufacturing Superiority

                              We work together with our customers in various stages of production, including development, component sourcing, quality assurance, manufacturing, and delivery. With a diverse mix of products and facilities in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, we are well-positioned to meet customer needs. We have a strong, established reputation with customers for providing high-quality products at competitive prices, as well as for timely delivery and customer service.


                              Broad Capabilities for Superb Products

                              In order to stay at the forefront of the vehicle body structure market, we draw upon advanced capabilities to design and manufacture superb products. We utilize computer-aided engineering, design, and manufacturing software to achieve solutions. Our finite element analysis (FEA) covers linear, non-linear, NVH frequency response, and crash worthiness.

                              We employ cold forming for steel and aluminum, as well as hot forming for ultra-high strength steels. We also utilize a variety of joining technologies including gas metal arc welding, resistance spot welding, capacity discharge, drawn arc, laser welding, and friction stir welding.


                              Continuous Improvement, Consistent Quality

                              We use processes such as Lean Six Sigma, labor best practices standardization, and advanced product quality planning (APQP) to drive productivity and quality while managing new programs on time and on budget. With 77 certified black belts, Tower International is committed to sustaining Lean Six Sigma principles throughout our manufacturing processes. Through Lean Six Sigma principles, we streamline our operations and reduce operating costs. Our dedication to continuous improvement allows us to achieve greater efficiency as well as improved quality.